PDP Presentation

I am really happy with how my presentation went. One of my main aims for the year was to grow in confidence and I think that I have most definitely done this. I feel that I spoke loudly and confident enough and that the presentation flowed at all times meaning the audience were kept constantly engaged both by what I was talking about and what was on the screen behind me. Looking back I have definitely progressed a lot since the first time I gave a presentation, this time round I barely looked at my notes or needed prompting whereas in year 1 I would have written a script and read from it due to my lack of confidence. Doing the presentation also helped me confirm that I have made excellent progress in my final major project since the start and explaining my concepts and contexts allowed me to realise that I am on the right track for completing an exciting final piece that I have adequately researched.

I am hoping that the confidence I have gained throughout my degree will continue to grow and help me when it comes to interviews and a future job. A lot of job descriptions mention the idea of being able to present your ideas and contexts and meetings and this is something that would have scared me initially. I do however feel that I need to start believing in my abilities more and not be put off at the prospect of having to present. I am now actually looking forward to getting some interviews so that I can present my work with my new found confidence.


Making Connections

Recently I have been looking for jobs and thinking more about ways in which I can boost my chances in finding a job or potential work experience once I finish my degree. Although I have a lot on my LinkedIn profile I wanted to improve it slightly, and one way in doing this is to get someone to write you a reference. I messaged one of my managers from my current part time job who recently left to become a recruitment consultant and he is willing to write me a reference on this site. Whilst speaking I also asked if he could have a look at my CV, and give me any pointers on how it can be improved as well as keeping me in mind for any jobs he may have come up. He gave me one pointer in regards to the layout of my CV mentioning that my professional skills may be better if it was placed higher up before my current work experience as these are more relevant to the area in which I’m looking, this is something that I have already done as I agreed this was probably a better place to have them. He has also given me a few contacts of people to get in contact with who are in the creative industry and may be able to offer work experience or a potential job.

I’ve also made another recent connection, my boyfriend works in a industry where he talks to a lot of people and he recently spoke to a woman who is in a prominent Graphic Design position at a well know beauty company. He mentioned that I was in the process of finishing my degree and she passed on her email address for me to contact her. I have since forwarded my CV and links to social media pages and portfolios for her to have a look at and she has emailed back to say that she will take a look at these in due course. This is very exciting as it is a brand which I would love to work for, Its me all over so I will wait patiently to see the outcome.

I have also been proactively making a list of companies in the surrounding areas which I feel I would like to work for an plan to send out a few emails in the coming weeks asking them to take a look at my CV and bare me in mind for either work experience, entry level job or freelance opportunities.

Artists Rooms: First Site Colchester

Recently went to the current First Site exhibition in Colchester showing the work of Andy Warhol, Hattie Stewart and a painted installation by Camille Walala. Hattie Stewart is someone i’ve followed on social media for a long time and it was great to finally see her work up close and in person, its amazing to think she was once a Colchester Institute student and is now having her work exhibited along side one of the pop art greats Andy Warhol and working for may famous companies including MAC Cosmetics. I even brought a signed print of her work as I think there are even bigger things to come from the illustrator. Below are a few of my favourite pieces from the exhibition.

Although I was interested in the work and contexts of all artists I was paying closer attention to the way the exhibition was actually put together including the way things were hung and shown on the wall to give me inspirations for my own Final Major Project exhibition. I really liked the way Hattie Stewart fly posted the entire room for her exhibition, she is reflecting what her own work is about in the form of showing how social and visual culture can be overwhelming and the psychedelic nature of her artwork work wells for this.

Hattie Stewart- Flyposted Wall of Art Prints

Stewart also put some work on some shelves in the exhibition, this has given me ideas on how I could possibly showcase my gym routine visuals. Im aiming to produce about 15 of these and I think they will lend themselves to being mounted on foam board and then placed on small shelves but not a deep like this.

Hattie Stewart- Shelf Hanging

Camille Walala also hand painted this abstract mural on the walls of first site. This is giving me idea on how I could possible show some of my visuals visually on a larger scale and how I can use the walls and possible the floors of the exhibition to showcase come of my ideas in relation to way-finding.

Camille Walala- Painting Directly on the Wall

I also think that because my project is quite contextually based and isn’t necessarily as obvious to the viewer on first encounter what it is about it may be beneficial to have some large text on the wall which explains the different areas of my project. I think that using vinyl lettering such as the ones use for the exhibition may be good to help explain what my project is about.


Helping a Second Year…

Today I met with one of the second years to help talk through his current project as it had been recommended that I speak to him as it is very similar to mine. We had previously spoken over email where I had given him the following points on how I would go about starting his research:

  • Record visually your experience at the gym including your routines, general experience, emotions, and feelings and analyse these. (I’d try if you’re allowed to take some photos)
  • You mentioned it feels like your second home could you compare it to your actual home? and try justify the reasons why it feel this way?
  • Think about what you would gain from tracking your fitness through an app? Critique and analyse the current system they use, maybe ask the people that run the gym why they still use it?
  • Research and analyse apps that are already out there being used for gym tracking. My gym uses a system called TECHNOGYM and you receive and TECHNOKEY which has your program on and plugs in to all machines. This also corresponds to a very clunky but useful app.
  • Research other gyms and leisure centres, collect their visual material and analyse their environment. If you can maybe try doing a couple of days at other gyms and compare you experience there with the one you already have.

Today we also went through my research book and I showed him how I’d developed my idea and the different stages it had taken. Going through it and explaining it to him was not only beneficial for him but allowed me to explain my idea and get it straight in my own head. I was further able to realise my intentions and solidify the contexts behind it. It was a really beneficial just talking it through with someone who had never seen it before and I think this is a worthwhile way of working and developing ideas. I think quite often you can fall into the trap of working in isolation with yourself and talking it through helps to reconfirm that you are on the right track, that the project makes sense and gives people the option of pitching in ideas and opinions that you yourself may not have thought of.

PDP Presentation Planning

After seeing Barrys presentation about what to include for our own PDP Presentation I have come up with a brief plan about what I want to include and talk about:

– 3 Words to explain my aims for the years.
– Mission statement from PDP book, talk about and extract a few key sentences.

Future Plans
– Use flow diagram from PDP book, talk about my desired routes for after graduation.
– Dream Job Diagram from PDP Book, talk about ideal route and where I see myself in 10 years time or want to be this time next year.
– Speak briefly about application to become a teacher, what i’ve learnt from it.
– Talk about several connections I have/may have to the industry and how I might go about gaining some work experience to strengthen my future applications.
– Speak about what i’ve applied for so far.
– List of sites that I frequently visit and are useful.

Self Branding and Promotion
– Talk about my self promotion material including business cards, website and portfolio
– Inspirations for future promotion material and plans of what I still want to do.
– Branding guidelines and sheet.

Freelance Work
– Talk about the freelance work that Ive done, show brand guidelines sheet and outcomes. – Talk about problems faced and overcome and how I negotiated with the client and sorted them out.
– Talk about other areas and work that I have been asked about and may have upcoming.
– Invoice sheet made.

Final Major Project
– Diagram explaining the progression of the project and how its changed from the start.
– Images and examples of what has been done so far.
– Influences, Infographics, David McCandless, Data Visualisations

Auction Night

I am pleased to say that the Auction organised in order to raise money for my Graphic Design course end of year shows was a great success. We managed to raise just over £2000 and it was a great night had by all. There were some fantastic pieces up for auction with the highest piece going for £160.

Since we had be organising this from January it gave me the chance to work on something that was a long running project. From it I have learnt that I am a strong leader and I’m pretty relentless in my approach to getting things done. Im organised and continually on the ball in regards to deadlines and knowing when things are fast approaching. I think that these are great assets for any designer to have especially one who is considering the marketing route. These are definitely skills and strengths that I will play up on my CV and something that I can undoubtedly talk about when it comes to having interviews for future jobs.

From doing this project I’ve also got to grips with using mail chimp, which is something i’d heard of before and read about on requirements for jobs but never really knew what it was. I was able to help put together a short email which included images, and social media buttons and then have this sent out. I expected it to be a lot harder to use than it was and although i’ve probably only just scratched the surface on with it I think this is again something which I can say I have basic knowledge of at future interviews.

Overall im so happy with the outcome of the Auction, at times I felt like we wasn’t going to pull it off but I think it turned out great and will be something I remember for years to come.

Im also pretty handy with a hammer and a few nails!