Screen Prints



So happy with how my screen prints have turned out. I think they are really effective and interesting to look at. They have made data which could potentially be quite boring and mundane into a piece that could be called a piece of art. Did try printing over a digital version of the black type however the paper must of had a coating on it as it stuck to the screen so I have used a screen for the black type as well which turned out to work perfectly and was actually a lot clearer and legible than I expected. The luminous also works really well, from a far you get this sense of them being different luminosity lights which was my intention and then as you get closer the words become more legible and make the piece make sense.


Family Tree Style Timeline

Because I feel like the Rhizome style layout way not working very well I have decided to try experimenting with a family tree style. Think this would be effective because it would show the relationships between the different technologies and explain where they had been developed from.


Think this style is working really well because it is helping to explain where the technologies have been developed from. The reader is also able to follow the different paths and locate what technology comes from where. Do feel however that the above image needs to be made busier and have an extra layer of information. Going to experiment with including some descriptive text in smaller body copy underneath the date, name and inventor. Think this will add clarity and make it visually a lot more exciting.


Have decided to experiment with screen printing the big type in luminous colours and then the black type over the top. Think this will look effective. Obviously if this was to be printed on a large scale run something like a pantone colour would be more effective and easier to create on a large scale. Going to try screen printing over type that has already been digitally printed in the hope that it will not knock out the black if there is enough medium in the paint. This will also mean that the small body copy will be a lot clearer as Im worried a screen will not be able to recreate the small type.

Experimenting with type as Image and Rhizomes

Wanted to experiment more with using type as image so have been experimenting with using the filters on photoshop. Been blurring the type and I think it gives a really good effect, because you can set it at different amounts of blur I can increase it for the technologies that are more luminous and decrease it for those that aren’t. I have also bitmapped theses using various settings and I think these are effective. They would work well screen printed because the bitmap would give the effect of light dispersion from a bulb.


Rhizome graphs are something else that I have been researching. They document relationships between things and as I have noticed when researching the technologies a lot of them are connected in some way so I think that this style would work quite well at documenting the relationships.


I think these experiments work to a certain extent but they are not busy enough to be effective. A lot of rhizomes are really busy and full of information and these don’t have the effect that I was after. They also don’t document time very well. I have tried to position the words at a height that corresponds with a date however I don’t think that this is apparent enough.


Used straight non direct lines for this one, I think this works better but it is still not busy enough. I think it is interesting but doesn’t communicate the relationships or the idea of luminosity that well and this is something that I really want to portray.

Think that potentially family tree style could work better this way I could use a key to show the relationships or just the use of lines could work. Still need to work out how dates could work.

Experimenting with an Infographic

One thing that really stood out to me when researching the different developments in lighting technology was that there was a lot of facts and figures available in the form of luminosity and life time of the different lights. This has made me think that this is something that could be utilised alongside the timeline. I have been looking at David Mccandless book on Information is Beautiful and he quite often uses data and represents it in a really interesting way that is quite opposite to how you usually see information displayed. His work is visually very interesting and makes data fun, it doesn’t just look like data and numbers but looks like an illustration that still has a purpose and does work as data that can be interpreted. This is something that I thought I could try and use for my own timeline and incorporate luminosity and lifetime into it.


Been using circles to represent the data. Experimenting with using the orange circle in relative size circles to represent luminosity and the green circle cut off at certain points to represent life time. I think these really work and portray the data visually rather than using the numbers which could be confusing to people who do not have any knowledge of luminosity values. Although I think they work there needs to be another layer of information which contains the timeline aspects and I think it would be a shame to miss out all the major development as well so this is something that I need to experiment with.


Initial sketches of how to incorporate the circles with other timeline information.


Taken inspiration from Mccandless info graphics and used another circle for the circles to come off of. Think it is effective because it does easily document time. I do however feel that because of the circle format it is difficult to include all the information that I want to. The circle format isn’t lending itself well to include a lot of information and I think it is going to be difficult to lay out in an effective way. I think that I am going to have to experiment more with layout ideas. I really want to communicate this idea of luminosity and I don’t think the circle are effective at doing this.

Vectors For Timeline

Vectors together

Created these vectors from my own initial drawings as potential imagery for my timeline. Selected the 6 most crucial of the lighting technologies from the ones that were mentioned the most when I was doing my initial contextual research. Think that they are really strong and could work well alongside type for my timeline. Creating them has tested my patience but Ive finally got to grips with using the pen tool on illustrator.

Next step for these is to see how they could work within a timeline context and alongside type.

Final Posts about Modules

Semester 2 Studio Module – Catalogue

Finally feel happy about how my catalogue looks. Having spent a lot of time developing and redeveloping my catalogue I feel that I have settled on something that I am happy with. Although it has taken a long time and I have changed my mind several times about the layout and content I feel that all of this development is beneficial because it has caused me to learn a lot of different ways of laying out as well as how to use InDesign. Not only this but it caused me to try out using illustrations which is something that I hadn’t created or used in my work. Although I haven’t used them for the final catalogue because it didn’t work for the content or layout it gave me insight in to how they could work for other documents as well as confidence in drawing which I feel stemmed from the fine art module.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 18.06.21 Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 18.06.42 Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 18.07.09

Semester 2 Studio Module – Timeline

This is the part of the semester 2 studio module that I feel a lot more confident about. I think the one thing that I struggled with was the vast amount of information that needed to be included within the catalogue which somewhat threw me. Although there isn’t a finished piece for this as of yet I have started my development and sketchbook work and have a large amount of varied research that I can put to good use. I feel confident that this is a piece that will look effective but at the same time will communicate really interesting information.

Semester 2 Support Module – E Publishing

This has probably been my favourite support module that I have done since starting the course. From researching it is clear to see that E Publishing is a relatively new thing as there isn’t much information available on it just yet. However from the research it is obvious that by doing this module I already have an distinct advantage over other potential employees for job posts then people who haven’t. Not only had it helped with the digital side of things but it has also been beneficial in terms of layout as it requires the idea of editorial design as well.

Although it is not entirely finished yet I do feel like I have a substantial amount completed and I’m on the way to creating something that not only looks good layout wise but that has all the features of digital design.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 20.21.38 Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 20.21.47

Although these pages do look good there are still some things that need tweaking such as typefaces; choosing ones that are legible for displays not print. Size of buttons- so that they are the right size to be clicked easily by the user. I am however really pleased with how it is starting to look and I think with a little bit more research and development it will turn out really sleek and interesting.

Final Reflective Post Before Hand In

Looking back over the year and putting together my PDP presentation has made me realise just how far I’ve come in terms of my development as a Graphic Designer. At the end of year one I stated a few aims that I wanted to develop throughout year 2 and on reflection I feel that I have most definitely achieved them and some.

One particular one that I wanted to address was my general Graphic Design knowledge including designers, print processes, terminology and production knowledge. I think that I have managed to achieve this, especially when it comes to the production and print processes side of things. Both the Catalogue brief and Digital Publishing Modules have helped further my knowledge of the different features that are available in design packages especially InDesign and its Digital Publishing Suite add on. Using them to create the final pieces has meant that I have learnt further how to use the shortcuts to make designing quicker as well as how to use more digital methods of design for digital publishing including adding buttons and links. I have also furthered my print production knowledge by the undertaking of the recent Fashion Catalogue. This catalogue has involved the use of a Pantone colour which has in turn require the printing process to be changed. Developing this catalogue has meant that I have gain further knowledge about how extra and specific colours are printed as well as the time and production costs that are involved.

Another area I wanted to address was the idea of being more experimental with both layout and typography. I think that this is especially evident in my Broadsheet layout. I decided to use a grid but instead of the titles going straight across they went in a diagonal format making the design really dynamic and also allowing a lot more information to be fed onto the page. During year one this type of idea would have been one that I shied away from however my confidence as a designer has grown considerably allowing me to feel comfortable being more expressive and experimental.

The final major area that I wanted to develop was myself as a more of a professional by creating a sleeker looking blog and broadening my portfolio. I think that I have been successful in this as well because I have made certain changes. One is being my blog, although my blog was sufficient for last year I felt that it lacked a designer feel and needed to feel more connected to me. One way I addressed this was by changing my blogging platform from tumblr to WordPress. This allowed me to further personalise my blog making it more relatable to me as a designer as well as “branding” it as my own. It no looks more like a website and something that I would be happy to share with people. I also think that my writing has improved with this. I have made a conscious effort to present my posts but at the same time I have been more aware about my wiring style and the sorts of things that I am putting out in the public domain. I have also widened my portfolio not only by doing the work that has been set for project briefs but also by undertaking live briefs such as the fashion catalogue as well as work for friends and family. I hope that this in turn will lead to further work and further portfolio work and refinement.

I have also grown in confidence not only as a graphic designer but also as a person. My recent essay presentation has show that I can present confidently in front of people and that it is not something that I should worry about because I have proved I am capable of doing it. This leads me on to my essay, although I haven’t had my results back I do feel confident that I would have progressed in my writing ability and been able to communicate efficiently my views and points towards the role of art and design within education. This makes me look forward to both getting my essay result back and starting the research and reading around my dissertation topic which is something that I want to address towards the end of the summer break.

Although I am happy with my development I do always feel that there is room for improvement so I have identified the following things that I wish to achieve from year 3:

  • Further knowledge of artists and designers- especially historical as I feel I focus quite heavily on contemporary
  • The use of more photography (especially my own)- have branched out and used illustration now as well as photography but it would be nice to feel confident enough to use my own.
  • Further print production knowledge and getting things ready to send to print- have touched upon this but this most definitely does still need some more development as there are lots of processes that I haven’t thought about or looked into.
  • Developing blog- making it look and feel more like a website and updating all online portfolios as well as designing a more design lead CV that I would be happy to show to potential employees.

To conclude I am really happy with my how I have developed over year 2. I feel really confident with the pieces that I have produced and feel that they are beneficial to my portfolio. I also have further graphic design knowledge and terminology which under my belt which is also beneficial to me. I now look forward to doing my presentation and showing my work to my fellows students and gaining feedback.