Live Brief- Fashion End of Year Catalogue

Really pleased to be working on such an exciting project with the help of two other team members. Will be my first go at designing for a large production run of 2000 copies and with a relatively substantial budget £2500. It is also nice to be working with images that have been specifically shot for the catalogue and so are visually interesting and work together as a body of work. Also given me the chance to learn more about print production and the types of things that are specifically required such as Pantone colours and special colours, printing techniques, format of images so that the colours separate appropriately. Not only has this project allowed me to develop another piece for my portfolio but it has taught me communication skills between clients. Communicating between a client is something that I will most likely have to do on a regular basis if i was to go into the industry and liaising with a them and coming up with something that you are both happy with is crucial to the design process.


Very excited to get this finalised and see the finished printed outcome. Especially with the Metallic Pantone colour which is something I’ve never used before.


Politics and Graphic Design

Really enjoyed this lecture as it brought up a lot of really interesting views, opinions and topics as well as got me thinking and understanding more the importance of politics in regards to the effect it has on me as a member of society and a Graphic designer. Think one of the most important points I noted was that as graphic designers we are visual communicaters and are quite often the people who create something or a piece that communicates a point. Therefor it is important to be able to interpret the messages that are out there at the moment especially in regards to the election so that we in turn can create effective piece of graphic design that communicate messages as well.

It was also interesting to see that political “propaganda” and micky takes towards society and politicians have been around for a long time and are not just something that occurred due to social media etc. however it has helped make it more readily available. It was happening a long time ago and people such as William Hogarth were back in their day creating pieces which depicted what was happening (not literally) but in theory.

Gin Lane by William Hogarth

William Hogarth- Gin Lane

This piece really cleverly depicts the undercurrent of society at the time. Although not a true representation (you wouldn’t literally see this happening in London) it is a heightened version of what was going on.

I think that this type of graphic communication is still very evident today. Lots of illustrators, artists and even just the general public create modern day versions of Gin Lane which communicate the feelings and ideas of themselves and society. Cartoons as well are a big political communication tool and can easily portray a message in seconds without even having many words.


Cartoon by Leslie Gilbert Illingworth

Think this cartoon is a good example of the way illustration, graphic communication and art can say so much about the world. Although this isn’t a true representation of what actually happened it is a theoretical one but it to me it really does tell me the ideas that were going on at the time without the use of words of descriptions. This is still evident today with many newspapers still using cartoons.

Bag It Auction

Really pleased that I managed to get to the auction and help support the 3rd years in their attempt to raise money for the graduate show. Felt that it was important to show my support as a 2nd year and make the effort to go because I will be in this position myself next year. It also gave me a chance to see how it was run and put together and this way I can help contribute ideas to next years fundraiser. I really didn’t know what to expect before I went but I was pleasantly surprised to see such a high turn out of people as well as people bidding considerable amounts of money for some of the pieces. Another thing that I really liked was the bag of goodies that I purchased. Its clear to see that the 3rd years had put a lot of effort in to the contents of the bag which included items such as business cards, postcards, notebook etc which was all branded with their “bag it auction” logo. It was also a clever way of networking and getting themselves noticed and potential free lance work as they had their own business cards in their too.

It was also my first time bidding on something and winning! as I student we all know that sometimes money can be an issue however I felt that it was a worth while cause to put my money towards and Im glad I did, as I managed to pick up a series of really interesting Mandala prints and for £30 (£10 a piece) I cant really grumble at that.


Faith Swann- Series of Modern Mandala drawings.

These straight away caught my eye when I saw them at the auction. Just by looking at them you get a really sense of just how much time go’s in to creating something that is so intricate and delicate. Even though they are so delicate because of there eye catching appeal they do have such an immediate impact.

Cant wait to frame these and put them only wall!

Pick Me Up

Really glad I made the trip down to pick me up this year, although in my opinion it wasn’t as good as the previous year that I went there was still a lot of good visual material to look at and take inspiration from. The main focus is on traditional printing methods this year especially screen printing and this has given me ideas relation to my current studio module brief to create a timeline. I think using screen printing could be really interesting and this is something that I hope to develop and experiment with. A big thing that I noticed as well was that a lot of companies are turning to Instagram as a form of social network to branch out. Although Instagram has been popular for a while I hadn’t necessarily seen it as a place to gain inspiration from however my opinion has changed. I made sure to follow the pages of the companies I noticed had Instagram pages and will hopefully gain fitter inspiration from doing this. I also made a list of artists and designers that I want to further research and look at;

  • Joby Carter
  • Super Graph
  • Hello Dodo
  • Pinky
  • Ladies of Letterpress

Self Promotion and Development

After a group discussion with Sean on wednesday about blogging and our appearance on the web as designers I have had a big think about what I could do further to develop myself a strong internet and visual presence. I think my main starting point would be business cards, this is something I have been thinking about a lot recently, I feel confident now in my abilities as a designer to start to take on extra work on top of my university projects and I think business cards is a strong starting point. They would be handy to have if I ever got talking to someone about my work just incase and they are a way of networking. Not only this but it would allow me to effectively brand myself as a designer by using my talents and knowledge of design to create them. I have started an idea for business cards but they do need to be refined so that they showcase exactly what I am able to do as a designer.

my business card-01 my business card-02

I also think that I need to have a look at this blog. Up until now this blog has been a place for me to post my development on projects quite frequently however it is not necessarily something that I would want to direct potential employers to as it isn’t “edited” enough. A lot of the posts on here wouldn’t necessarily be of interest to them as they are more likely to be interested in the work I’m doing and the places I’m taking inspiration such as visits. So this is something I want to address over the summer, I think maybe making a blog that was more refined, edited, branded the same as my business cards would be beneficial. It would mean that potential employers wouldn’t necessarily have to sift through lots of posts before they got to the ones they were interested in but could easily find the content they were after. It would also hopefully look a lot more professional almost website like.

Have been looking at a few blogs and these are some that I will be taking inspiration from below:

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 13.50.20 Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 13.51.59

These are screen shots from handsome frank illustration agency. Really like how they have big impact immediately you can see a lot of interesting visual information and have information about the different projects on the page.

This type of layout and style is something that I want to adopt for myself. I think it looks professional yet still interesting to look at and immediately you can see exciting visual material. Not only this but by designing something that looks more professional and concise I could brand it with the same logo that I would use on my business cards which would allow everything to tie in a link together.

Another thing that I think is crucial to develop at this time is my CV. Although it is up to date I think that it could be tailored a lot more to my specialism. I have often seen whilst looking at Behance (online portfolio site) that graphic designers are undertaking their own self promotion projects. Some have even designed there CVs so that they are done in a Graphic Design way which I think is a really interesting way of getting noticed. Not only are you telling a potential employer your skill set but at the same time you are showing them that you are able to design right from the start without even having to show your portfolio. I think it would really make you stick out from the crowd if done in an effective way. This is something that I really want to address over the summer break and try have a go at doing. Below are links to a few interesting projects that I have seen online that I will use as inspiration.

Kyle Robertson- Shameless Self Promotion

Anton Yermolov- Curriculum Vitae

Emmanuelle Bories- Resume

Plans for over the summer:

  • Develop my own personal brand and promote e.g business cards.
  • Create a more refined blogging platform that will look more professional and have a look that ties in with my business cards.
  • Update and design my own CV.
  • Look for work experience/internships.
  • Gain teaching experience and apply for teaching place via UCAS.

Information Design (part 2 of semester 2)

My initial thoughts on this module are that I feel a lot happier and more confident going forward with this than I have done on the previous catalogue design brief. I think because it has to be done in a shorter amount of time its really going to drive me to experiment with things really quickly and get ideas flowing.

From doing some initial thinking and researching I have drawn up a list of things that I want to think about and address during this brief in regards to successful information design and typography. I have chose to do the subject matter of Candle to LED. Chosen this because the technology of lighting technology isn’t something that I know a lot about and I think that other factors such as environmental factors could also play a part in the design of my timeline.

  • My main aim is to simplify- a timeline of something could potentially become quite confusing, charting something that began a long time ago no doubt has a lot of time points where new inventions were created however because I’m aiming to simplify I want to try and pick out the most crucial points from its development.
  • I want it to be exciting yet informative and have a significant amount of information on so that it is a worth while piece of work.
  • Needs to be clear and easy to follow- don’t want to pack too much information on to the page but at the same time there needs to be enough for it to portray a message.
  • Context- has been a lot of developments in the last decade in regards to the advancing technology of LED’s so I feel that my info graphic/timelines could potentially fit nicely within a magazine or newspaper format that would back up an article centring around the issue of lighting technology and maybe its environmental impacts.
  • Audience- because I’m aiming it to be used within a magazine or newspapers article I think that my appropriate audience is young adults and adults. Therefore it can have a significant amount of information on it but at the same time I want it to be interesting and draw attention and for it not to be seen as a “history” lesson.

Initial Inspirations

Have been doing some initial research into the types of info graphics that are around at the moment. One source of inspiration has been David McCandless on Information is Beautiful. His book includes such a wide variety of different subject matter that is really interesting to know about and communicated in such a eye-catching yet appropriate way.

Also have been looking at some really current projects on Behance. (Links Below)

6c50dbfe8197aab7c7e4e18a3145236d 0144d05fdde2112379eca1aa1c610c12

Think the above Sony Music Timeline is so exciting. Demonstrates that a timeline does have to have big photos and a line with definitive dates to communicate things but that it can just be a series of words and vector images. Also shows that you don’t necessarily have to be restricted to page sizes and that something like this can be made to be more of an installation piece and talking point.


This is another one that really caught my attention. Although this does have a lot more information contained within it, you are still able to follow it and make sense of it all. The colour scheme has been kept simple and is not overpowering to the information being communicated. there is also a system created for navigating the page by the use of colour and lines to connect parts together.

Further Inspiration

7d7cc3cd43c2603044db6df307dbfb9d 2926617452_c16da8aedb_b 4277655890_d30279bc43_o data-consumption1

Images are not my own and credit go’s to their owners.

V & A videos for Club to Catwalk Exhibition

Found this video really useful to begin the research on one of the decades for my catalogue. Has given me visual references and pointers to continue my research on this colourful and creative decade.

One thing that has stuck out to me in the video is that they made them selves successful by working hard and making a name from themselves. They were different and “out there” which eventually caught the attention of the british press. They also collaborated a lot with other up and coming people which acted as a stepping stone for a lot of people to further their careers.

Really think the levi jacket idea to have it customised by 22 different artists was really inspiring, was something that no one had ever done before and made a real impact up on fashion at the time. Still see this idea of collaborating today with things like comic relief t-shirts being designed by different designers and then sold in shops to raise money.