Recent Interviews

I have recently been for two interviews for Design related jobs, the first one was for a marketing company with the job title being a junior designer, and the second for a cosmetics company again as a graphic designer. Both interviews went really well, and I can’t quite believe how much more confident I am talking about my portfolio work compared to when I had my teacher training interview. I think it just go’s to show that this is the best route for me to take right now and that although I do still want to be a teacher in the future I am currently a lot more excited about pursuing this type of career. Although I got offered a second interview with the marketing company the job wasn’t really for me and I felt that I would have been bored as there seemed to be a lack of variation and it wasn’t a subject matter that I was partially interested in so I declined the offer. That being said this has given me a confidence boost about the work that I have in my portfolio and means that I am obviously interviewing well and saying/doing the right things. I was quite wary about turning down job offers or not applying for things based on personal preference because I remember Joe Stone saying that you may have to do things that you don’t necessarily want to do in order to get to where you want however after weighing up the pros and cons of the job it wasn’t in my interests to pursue it any further.

The second interview I had again went really well and I had a much better feeling about the company when I left. I was asked to do a few tasks and although this seemed quite daunting at first I picked it up really easily which just go’s to prove I should be more confident about the things I have learnt over the years doing my degree. Its also about a subject which I have a great interest in (cosmetics) and I feel the job would open up a lot of opportunities to develop skills further and get insights in to things I haven’t done or seen before.


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