Scrapping gym Infographics

Upon experimenting and reflecting on how I could possibly exhibit some example infographics that would effectively show the data which in theory would be collected by the app I have decided to scrap the idea of exhibiting a series of them. On their own they were not looking as strong or as engaging as I had hoped. The idea of the infographics showing progression and results is still included within my app so I have therefor decided to scrap the idea of having a series of them on the wall. Instead of these infographics I am going to include my diet infographic which was part of my FMP development as part of my final show. This infographic is always something that I thought was really effective and because of this I want to refine it even further, make a few changes and submit it as part of my FMP. I also want to include images of my coffee packaging as part of my final show because this is again something that I’m really proud of.

The following are things that I need to address:
– Maybe include a description of what each diet is
– Think about changing the typeface, Futura is too obvious.
– Give it some space, things are a little cramped.
– Refine all kerning on headings, sub headings and larger type.


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