Collecting Data for Gym Routine Infographics

I have recently been collecting data from various people who workout at least once a week in order to create some example infographics and determine how well they may look once they are on the wall as a series of graphic imagery. I have made sure to ask a wide demographic of people include both men and women because I want to be able to see how they will change from person to person. Below is a sample of 4 peoples workout data represented in black and white using the ben day dot style chart that I created. From looking at these I feel that you can clearly see how different people have trained different areas of the body and where one person has had an increased focus on the leg area of the body because of the intensity of the black. I think that this proves that the scale I have created would work in showing different amounts of reps and sets visually rather than using actual numbers.



Above I am experimenting with different colour ways and styles of showing the infographics. I have been heavily influenced by the pop art movement and I think that these convey a sense of this. Using the coloured versions would help tie together the context of the app and way finding system with showing the data that would have effectively been ‘collected’ when the app was used. I think that the ones using just dots and without outlines work better because you would get blank spaces where people hadn’t trained a certain muscle group and this could look quite effective.


Above I have been experimenting with how I want to show and exhibit these graphic visualisations on the wall. I feel that they do not necessarily need to have the information about whose workout data it is as one of my main intentions with the project was to keep it as gender neutral as possible and show that both men and women can work out the same. I think by saying whether it was male and female this would counteract this and people could unintentionally compare the workouts of men and women.


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