Way finding ideas and experiments


The above images show initial sketches of how I can translate my idea of the app in to a way finding system of a gym floor. I quite like the idea that the system would show a route throughout the gym that would lead off in different directions to show people where certain machines are, this idea came from looking at the way finding system used at the University of Technology, Sydney which is on my previous blog post. I believe that a user looking at the app would gradually get to know what each of the colours represented and from this would be able to navigate around the gym by looking for a particular colour. My current gym and leisure centre that I attend is actually in the process of being re designed and the site moved slightly so I have been able to download the concept plans and use these as a basis to create mock up drawings for my concept. Although I think that having smaller circles on the floor with each corresponding gym machine placed on top would look effective in the long run I think this could become expensive and quite tricky to implement. I believe that the idea of having a larger circle which infers the idea of areas in the gym is a lot more effective and would in the long run be a lot easier to implement into an environment. It would also be more cost effective and would allow its self to be changed and modified if machines and layouts needed to be moved. thumb_IMG_5481_1024thumb_IMG_5482_1024

The above images show a digital version of my sketches. Here I am experimenting with showing a route around the gym using concept drawings and small vector images of gym machines to help describe and show my idea. The idea is that there would be a multi colour route around the gym floor but that it would branch out into sections that indicate different areas for the machines, the idea being that it would not only help the users navigate their way around (especially new ones) but that it visually make the gym appear more interesting. A lot of the time gyms can be quite dull in their colour palette and a lot use grey, black and blue tones which can be quite intimidating, I think by adding this colour in it could soften the look of gyms and using a multitude of colours especially some feminine ones make it a more gender neutral environment.

Version 1-01

Above is the more refined version of the floor plan, I feel that this really communicates the idea that I’m trying to show and would easily correspond with the app. I have decided to include a more curvier style as i think this better reflects the way people would walk and the routes they may take around a gym.


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