Way finding Systems

One of the main objectives for my FMP was to show a correlation between the environments of gyms and the apps and systems of fitness tracking that are used within them. One way that I feel this would be possible is to devise a wayfinding system that correlates to the colours used within the app.

The Westerdals Communication School branding  and wayfinding system is one which caught my attention. Im really drawn to the idea that the colours correspond from the building and signage right through to the website, as well as the fact they have utilised the walls and stairs that are already there and painted directly on them. They have effectively assigned a colour to every area of the school which has then become a way of showing visitors the different areas of the school. I think that I could apply this way of thinking to a gym environment using the colours as a way of directing users to specific equipment and areas.



In the image below I feel the way the designer has drawn the artwork to help demonstrate the system in place is really effective. I think that to show my idea of implementing a signage system in a gym I could create a rough sketch of an imaginary gym or base it on the one I use regularly and then add in my designed signage/ system.


I also like the idea of showing a floor plan with the coloured wayfinding system like the images below. This piece caught my attention because of the way it is a route starting at the door with a circle and trailing off around the building in lines. The design has been done for a technology college and this is reflected in the design because it feels like a giant circuit board. I think that the colours and ideas I have used for the app will translate well into gym signage and routes and could work well being painted on to the floor to encourage a route around the gym that branches off in certain places according to what areas of the body you are wanting to train.





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