FMP Vision

After further development since the last time I reflected on my project as a whole I now have a clearer idea of what I am producing as outcomes as well as a small list of further areas to research and develop in order to strengthen my project and understanding of the themes involved. The below spider diagram is a quick visual to help me section out my project and make it more manageable.


My areas for further research and my proposed final pieces are

-Mobile App design layouts, the mobile app would effectively ‘collect’ data.
-Set of motivational and informative infographics based on the ‘collected’ data.
-Visual to show how this app could correspond to the gym environment and wayfinding system.

-App design, looking at trends in app design, and the best practices and features for good mobile apps from all genres not just fitness apps.
-Gym environments, analyse the areas.
-Exhibition design and ways of exhibiting my work.


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