App Design Research

As I have decided to produce the visual concepts of an app as part of my project I wanted to research around app design to identify some current trends and best practices when designing for user interfaces and phones. One of the first things I read when researching app design was an E-Book from UX Pin titled, Mobile Design Book Of Trend 2015 & 2016. This E-Book was very interesting and gave me a great overview of the different things that are trending in design at the moment as well as the best designing practices when working with screens.

The following are a few things which I thought were most appropriate to my project and needed to be kept in mind when designing:

Gestures- Think about how people interact with the design, how the use it and the way in which they use their hands to navigate the app. Buttons should be large enough to activate with a thumb. Because the whole project is more than just the app I am not going to make it animated instead I am just going to show the concept visually because of this I don’t necessarily have to think about how people would work it but I will bare this in mind when it comes to the size of elements such as buttons and text and areas that would be tapped for example.

Typography- Body copy is easily readable when it is a sans serif typeface (this is also a big trend at the moment) however is can be serif depending on the size and style. Black, grey and white type usually works best. Give type space around it to aid legibility. Centre placement is best for most alerts and call to actions and anything designed to be read is best aligned left.

Flat Design- Extremely popular at the moment, due to its modern and easy feel. Usually no embellishment, with a distinct colour palette and simple icons and elements.

I have also been looking for design and layout inspiration and have come across a few app designs which I think are really effective

Taasky App

This app caught my attention because it was using a flat design whilst incorporating a similar colour palette to the one I have been using for all my experimental visuals. The colours are however more pastel toned which I think is working effectively on the navy/grey background used. I also like the simplistic typeface and the icons which aid navigation without using words. You can also easily see where a task has been completed and this is something I need to incorporate to show when an exercise has been completed.



This app design stood out to me because of its simplistic design and colour palette. I especially like the fact the menu is at the bottom with the key button highlighted in colour and made bigger. This aids the user in knowing what to press without the need to specifically tell them.


Peek Calendar

This page from Peek Calendar caught my attention because of its infographic style of showing how many tasks there are on a calendar. It has used a bar chart style to indicate how many tasks there are on particular days. This is something I could try using to show how many workouts someone has done over the course of a month.

I also wanted to look at a few apps which I have used recently, so I chose to look at TripAdvisor and UBER which are both ones which I’ve used recently on a trip to London.

Trip Advisor (own screen shots)

I particularly like Trip Advisors use of icons under the search bar which allow you to specify what you are looking for. They are easy to understand and get rid of the need to use words. I do however feel that on some pages such as the one listing all the restaurants it is quite text heavy and that this information should have more room making it less cluttered. Trip Advisor also uses a lot of colour and I think that this could be reduced to make it more simple a effective.

UBER (own screen shots)

Uber is extremely easy to use, and I think this is aided by its user friendly interface. It is clutter free and has lots of space especially on the map screen. There is also a simple colour palette which makes for a easy to look at screen that is not confused by colour.


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