PDP Presentation

I am really happy with how my presentation went. One of my main aims for the year was to grow in confidence and I think that I have most definitely done this. I feel that I spoke loudly and confident enough and that the presentation flowed at all times meaning the audience were kept constantly engaged both by what I was talking about and what was on the screen behind me. Looking back I have definitely progressed a lot since the first time I gave a presentation, this time round I barely looked at my notes or needed prompting whereas in year 1 I would have written a script and read from it due to my lack of confidence. Doing the presentation also helped me confirm that I have made excellent progress in my final major project since the start and explaining my concepts and contexts allowed me to realise that I am on the right track for completing an exciting final piece that I have adequately researched.

I am hoping that the confidence I have gained throughout my degree will continue to grow and help me when it comes to interviews and a future job. A lot of job descriptions mention the idea of being able to present your ideas and contexts and meetings and this is something that would have scared me initially. I do however feel that I need to start believing in my abilities more and not be put off at the prospect of having to present. I am now actually looking forward to getting some interviews so that I can present my work with my new found confidence.


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