Comparing Kick Starter Questionnaire answers

At the start of our FMP briefs we were given a kick starter questionnaire to help us think about our project and get started with research and development avenues. When I originally tried to answer this I found it very difficult and a lot of the questions I left blank. I have just gone back and tried to answer the questionnaire again to see how far I have progressed with my project as well as checking that I have a solid context and concept for my project.B

Below are the original answers to the questions I managed to answer at the start of the project (21st January 2016)

1. Ultimate purpose of your proposed FMP?

– Question the myths and FAD’s surrounding the diet and fitness industry.

2. Describe audience your FMP is aimed at?
– Anyone who is interested in these industries.


5. List experimental techniques, media or methods you will employ to develop your ideas.
– Research both online, books and primary, and secondary, surveys, opinion gathering and talking to people in the know.


13. List some week long mini briefs to get your project started.
– Research FAD diets and visually explain them.
– Document my own gym routine graphically.

14. What visual subject matter will you collect to resource your project? 
– Images of my gym routine

Below are the answers I gave to the questions as of the 13th May 2016, some questions have be re-worded slightly where appropriate.

1. Ultimate purpose of your FMP?
– Create a gym mobile application that would correspond with the design and wayfinding system of the gym environment, the app would be motivating and collect ‘data’ about its users which would then be turned in to infographics that could potentially be analysed to discover trends and patterns in members usage and workout routines.

2. Describe audience your FMP is aimed at?
– Anyone who is interested in using a gym or is building a gym from scratch and could implement the app and wayfinding systems from the start.

3. What gap in the market are you aiming to fill, or problem are you solving?
– From research apps targeted at being used in the gym didn’t seem to correspond to the environment they were being used. By creating an app which is in-keeping with the design of a gym environment they would correspond and aid to a more holistic and fluid experience especially for new members of gyms. 

4. How will you FMP benefit the world or make life better or more enjoyable for people?
– I think it will aid new users in feeling more confident about starting to exercise at a gym as well as making the environment more interesting. Creating infographics from the set and rep data could also take away from this idea of counting calories and tracking weight loss and focus more on the effect exercise is having on different body parts and hopefully reduce this kind of obsessive behaviour.

5. List experimental techniques, media or methods you have employed to develop your ideas.
– Primary and secondary research from both online and book, surveys made and answers analysed, opinion gathering and talking to people in the know such as gym instructors, gym routine documentation via photos and drawings. Data collection and analysis through the creating of infographics.

6. What are the major creative and production challenges you will face?
– Creating visuals which adequately explain my idea of the wayfinding system.

7. What new skills will you have to acquire to be successful in executing your FMP?
– Further development of Photoshop and illustrator skills and drawing environments.

8. Who and what are you key influences and inspirations that have give contextual substance to your research?
– Infographics in general, David McCandless, the documenting and mapping of movement and journeys, wayfinding systems.

9. What is your unique selling point?
– The idea that the end project is not just an app, it is a whole system that could be implemented to a new or existing gyms to aid users especially new ones in finding their way around and completing a sufficient exercise routine, whilst at the same time teaching them about the effect that routine is having on their body from a positive perspective. 

10. How will your outcome differ from existing projects already in the marketplace?
– There are a lot of fitness tracking apps out there, this will not just be an app it is a whole system, environment and teaching system.

11. Describe any element of surprise that you intend to include that will grab your viewers attention?
– Don’t think there will be any element of surprise

12. How do you hope to challenge or change peoples views of the subject through your project?
– I hope by doing this people will see that the gym can be a visually interesting place and doesn’t have to be intimidating. It can also be easy to follow if given the right tools. 

13. List some mini briefs done to get your project going.
– Documented my own gym routine using photos
– Created a large infographic based on FAD diets.
-Created a survey to gathers peoples opinions of using gyms.
– Created a zine of 10 Gym Commandments based on the reposes given in a survey

14. What visual subject matter have you collected to resource your project? 
– Images of my gym routine, the structure of the body

15. Describe the visual style or styles your project reflects?
– Infographic style, abstract, expressionism and pop art.

16. List the types of media and techniques you will use to execute your idea?
– Digitally put together using various adobe programs, and printed.

17. What platforms will your FMP exists in?
– Would if created ‘properly’ exists on an iphone, ipad, desktop, and in a gym environment

18. Explain why you have enjoyed creating your FMP?
– It is a subject which I have been continually interested in and an environment which I use regularly. Have always had a passion for numbers and data and I get to combine the two together.

19. What colour palette do you intend to use?
– Pastel multi colour

20. What style of typography, fonts, text length and tone of language and voice will you use?
– Sans Serif, simplistic, light tone

21. What methods and reach of distribution would your FMP use in the real world?
– Would be distributed around using iphones as a downloadable app.

22. What companies or existing campaigns or projects is your main competition?
– Any gym routine logging based app, Nike, Adidas, My Fitness Pal

23. If the BBC interviewed you, what would be you one-sentence quote to describe your FMP?
– ‘Re-imagining the gym environment before your eyes’

24. How do you hope your FMP will help you to advance and progress in the future after graduation?
– I hope that it will allow future employers to see me as a conceptual thinker and a designer who is brave enough to per-sue challenging ideas whilst always thinking of the bigger picture.

25. List three people, organisations, or companies you would most like to invite to the private view of your final exhibition?
– There are a few people that I would like to invite who are thinking or in the process of designing and opening their own gyms who I think would be interested in the idea or a similar idea.

From doing a comparison of the answers I gave at the start and at the end I can see that I have made a lot of progress throughout the project, I now have a solid idea of what I am creating as well as the audiences I am designing for and problems I am addressing. I think this was a really good exercise to do and I think that It will help me when it comes to writing explanations for pieces of my work as well as my final critical evaluation.





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