Rewriting FMP Proposal (13th April)

13th April 2016

“Consider how gym routines can be explored visually and how these can be interpreted in to apps and the gym environment”

At this point in my Final Major Project development I feel that is it appropirate to reflect on my original project proposal in context of the work I have done to date and outline a more detailed concept that further realises my desired intentions. Therefore I now feel that for my project to be sucessful my proposal can and should be refined further, giving myself more targettted area and contexts for developement.

From the research and developemental work that I have done to date it has been made clear to me that there are several key areas within the fitness and gym industry that need attention. From creating the survey titled Gym Usage, Diet and Fitness, I managed to gather a number of interesting resposes in realtion to the industry. From my own personal experience and from the comments made it is clear to see that many people find the gym an intimidating and confusing place. Not only this but there are misconceptions surrounding the idea of exercise and how it can possibly be percieved as a male dominated environment and industry. Although there are apps and systems out there designed to get rid of the confusion surrouding exercise and aid motivation, these are not necesserily having an effect at all and almost doing the opposite. There also seems to be no correlation between the apps used for exercise and the environments they are intended for use in.

I therefore feel that the ultimate purpose of my Final Major Project should be to, reconcider the gym environment and systems that aid gym users and exercisers to make them more visually interesting, less stereotypical and more motivating and stimulating. My desired audience is anyone who is interested in joing the gym, currently using a gym or is begininng to find there current gym and routine boring and lacking in motivation. I think that my project will benifit people by allowing them to see that exercising doesnt have to be boring or bland and should not be seen as a male dominated industry on environment. It will hopefully get rid of the sterotype and misconception that women will ‘get big’ if they lift weights and reimagine the gym as a gender neutral and equal environement.

I am therefor going to continue the development I have started in regards to creating systems and visuals that represent routines and then experiment with how these can be adapted and applied to the gym environment and additional aids such as mobile and computer apps. I think that some of my key influences will come from looking at user interfaces and designs of the most popular apps on the market today and analysing how they employ certain techniques and how users interact with them.

Rewriting my FMP Proposal at the current stage after research and development has allowed me to further refine my intentions and identify areas for further development and research.


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