Making Connections

Recently I have been looking for jobs and thinking more about ways in which I can boost my chances in finding a job or potential work experience once I finish my degree. Although I have a lot on my LinkedIn profile I wanted to improve it slightly, and one way in doing this is to get someone to write you a reference. I messaged one of my managers from my current part time job who recently left to become a recruitment consultant and he is willing to write me a reference on this site. Whilst speaking I also asked if he could have a look at my CV, and give me any pointers on how it can be improved as well as keeping me in mind for any jobs he may have come up. He gave me one pointer in regards to the layout of my CV mentioning that my professional skills may be better if it was placed higher up before my current work experience as these are more relevant to the area in which I’m looking, this is something that I have already done as I agreed this was probably a better place to have them. He has also given me a few contacts of people to get in contact with who are in the creative industry and may be able to offer work experience or a potential job.

I’ve also made another recent connection, my boyfriend works in a industry where he talks to a lot of people and he recently spoke to a woman who is in a prominent Graphic Design position at a well know beauty company. He mentioned that I was in the process of finishing my degree and she passed on her email address for me to contact her. I have since forwarded my CV and links to social media pages and portfolios for her to have a look at and she has emailed back to say that she will take a look at these in due course. This is very exciting as it is a brand which I would love to work for, Its me all over so I will wait patiently to see the outcome.

I have also been proactively making a list of companies in the surrounding areas which I feel I would like to work for an plan to send out a few emails in the coming weeks asking them to take a look at my CV and bare me in mind for either work experience, entry level job or freelance opportunities.


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