Artists Rooms: First Site Colchester

Recently went to the current First Site exhibition in Colchester showing the work of Andy Warhol, Hattie Stewart and a painted installation by Camille Walala. Hattie Stewart is someone i’ve followed on social media for a long time and it was great to finally see her work up close and in person, its amazing to think she was once a Colchester Institute student and is now having her work exhibited along side one of the pop art greats Andy Warhol and working for may famous companies including MAC Cosmetics. I even brought a signed print of her work as I think there are even bigger things to come from the illustrator. Below are a few of my favourite pieces from the exhibition.

Although I was interested in the work and contexts of all artists I was paying closer attention to the way the exhibition was actually put together including the way things were hung and shown on the wall to give me inspirations for my own Final Major Project exhibition. I really liked the way Hattie Stewart fly posted the entire room for her exhibition, she is reflecting what her own work is about in the form of showing how social and visual culture can be overwhelming and the psychedelic nature of her artwork work wells for this.

Hattie Stewart- Flyposted Wall of Art Prints

Stewart also put some work on some shelves in the exhibition, this has given me ideas on how I could possibly showcase my gym routine visuals. Im aiming to produce about 15 of these and I think they will lend themselves to being mounted on foam board and then placed on small shelves but not a deep like this.

Hattie Stewart- Shelf Hanging

Camille Walala also hand painted this abstract mural on the walls of first site. This is giving me idea on how I could possible show some of my visuals visually on a larger scale and how I can use the walls and possible the floors of the exhibition to showcase come of my ideas in relation to way-finding.

Camille Walala- Painting Directly on the Wall

I also think that because my project is quite contextually based and isn’t necessarily as obvious to the viewer on first encounter what it is about it may be beneficial to have some large text on the wall which explains the different areas of my project. I think that using vinyl lettering such as the ones use for the exhibition may be good to help explain what my project is about.



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