Helping a Second Year…

Today I met with one of the second years to help talk through his current project as it had been recommended that I speak to him as it is very similar to mine. We had previously spoken over email where I had given him the following points on how I would go about starting his research:

  • Record visually your experience at the gym including your routines, general experience, emotions, and feelings and analyse these. (I’d try if you’re allowed to take some photos)
  • You mentioned it feels like your second home could you compare it to your actual home? and try justify the reasons why it feel this way?
  • Think about what you would gain from tracking your fitness through an app? Critique and analyse the current system they use, maybe ask the people that run the gym why they still use it?
  • Research and analyse apps that are already out there being used for gym tracking. My gym uses a system called TECHNOGYM and you receive and TECHNOKEY which has your program on and plugs in to all machines. This also corresponds to a very clunky but useful app.
  • Research other gyms and leisure centres, collect their visual material and analyse their environment. If you can maybe try doing a couple of days at other gyms and compare you experience there with the one you already have.

Today we also went through my research book and I showed him how I’d developed my idea and the different stages it had taken. Going through it and explaining it to him was not only beneficial for him but allowed me to explain my idea and get it straight in my own head. I was further able to realise my intentions and solidify the contexts behind it. It was a really beneficial just talking it through with someone who had never seen it before and I think this is a worthwhile way of working and developing ideas. I think quite often you can fall into the trap of working in isolation with yourself and talking it through helps to reconfirm that you are on the right track, that the project makes sense and gives people the option of pitching in ideas and opinions that you yourself may not have thought of.


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