Experimenting with visuals

Below are a selection of visuals I have been working on, based around the idea of showing gym routines I have been taking inspiration from abstract art and infographics for working out a system for showing different reps and sets.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 16.47.32

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 16.47.24

In the above images I am experimenting with alternative ways of visually representing the data of gym routines. The top image is created by making the mucles groups bigger or smaller relative to how much they have been worked. The transparency has been lowered on them in order to see all of the muscle groups present. The second image created by increasing the stroke width of the muscle group to indicated that the area has been trained more. Although visually these are quite exciting, abstract and very different to the type of graphs and data provided by many gym apps they do not necesserily provide enough worth while information. I want to devise a visualisation and scale that would tell you more about such as the amount of sets and reps and give an idea of the intensity of the workout.

me abd mum-04bit map patterns-04

Most infographics have scales which correspond to the data  which they are representing. Here I am experimenting with how I could show possible amounts of sets and reps using different colours and transparencies. This would visually mean that people could see the data without having to interpret the numbers. Above I have applied a sort of bitmap style scale to the previous diagram I have of the human muscle groups. I think that this has helped to show how intense the workout has been and does give an indication of how many sets and reps. I think a series of these could easily allow people to interpret the data. For example the top image is my mums workout data, and the bottom is mine. Comparing the two you can easily see that on my mums their are areas which aren’t filled in at all implying that this muscle area hasn’t been targeted. All the dots are quite small and and widely distributes showing that she does a small about of reps and sets on each area she trains. On mine however all areas are filled in meaning I have trained the full body, certain areas however have more dots and bigger dots, such as the legs showing that this area is trained the hardest. I think that these visually give an idea of intensity with ought being too concerned with numbers and weight used.



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