PDP Presentation Planning

After seeing Barrys presentation about what to include for our own PDP Presentation I have come up with a brief plan about what I want to include and talk about:

– 3 Words to explain my aims for the years.
– Mission statement from PDP book, talk about and extract a few key sentences.

Future Plans
– Use flow diagram from PDP book, talk about my desired routes for after graduation.
– Dream Job Diagram from PDP Book, talk about ideal route and where I see myself in 10 years time or want to be this time next year.
– Speak briefly about application to become a teacher, what i’ve learnt from it.
– Talk about several connections I have/may have to the industry and how I might go about gaining some work experience to strengthen my future applications.
– Speak about what i’ve applied for so far.
– List of sites that I frequently visit and are useful.

Self Branding and Promotion
– Talk about my self promotion material including business cards, website and portfolio
– Inspirations for future promotion material and plans of what I still want to do.
– Branding guidelines and sheet.

Freelance Work
– Talk about the freelance work that Ive done, show brand guidelines sheet and outcomes. – Talk about problems faced and overcome and how I negotiated with the client and sorted them out.
– Talk about other areas and work that I have been asked about and may have upcoming.
– Invoice sheet made.

Final Major Project
– Diagram explaining the progression of the project and how its changed from the start.
– Images and examples of what has been done so far.
– Influences, Infographics, David McCandless, Data Visualisations


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