What have I been working on

Analysing Gym Apps and Graphs
I have taken screen shots of the graphs that I get sent via a gym app that I use as well as my fitness pal ] because I wanted to see how fitness companies are using infographics to show their users information about their workouts and fitness. I dont personally take much notice of these as they are visually quite boring however I can appreciate how new users could find them helpful in tracking their gym activities. My Fitness Pal is one of the most widely used diet and fitness tracking apps avaliable on the app store and one which I have frequently used myself. I think its sucess is partly due to its easy to use inerface and logging system which allows you to scan the barcode of an item and log it in your diary without needing to do any calculations as the app does it for you. It also shows visuals for each day which tell you the break down of what you have eaten in regards to calories, nutrients and macros.


Looking At Data Visualisation
I think that there are some very interesting ways of showing data with ought the use of pie charts of bar graphs. The above are very colourful and really grab your attention. Due to the complex nature of them I find myself wanting to take more time to fully understand what they are communicating. Colour has played an interesting part in both by sectioning the data and allowing it easy to determine the biggest groups just by seeing how much of one colour is evident. Think that these are a differernt type of inforgraphic in the way that they are concerned with connections rather than data a numbers and I think that this is something that can be applied to the act of exercising. The “Universo de emociones” piece stood out to me beacuse I thought it was really detailed not necesserily with worded information but with circles of colour. Even though I cant necesseirly read the data I instantly got a sense that the the areas with the deepest colour were the areas with the most ‘amount.’

Collecting Data
I quite like the idea that by creating a system to visualise gym routines I could at the same time be collecting data. The project ‘What Made Me’ is a good example of how user interaction has lead to the making of a finished piece and at the same time generated an idea of trends. By colour coding the string you can visually see by looking for the most present colour what was the most felt emotion and by seeing where there is a big debsity of strong presnt it gives an idea of what was influencing these emotions. I think that by colour coding different muscle areas and experimenting with denstiy my system may be able to generate some data a trends within the people who use it.




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