Auction Night

I am pleased to say that the Auction organised in order to raise money for my Graphic Design course end of year shows was a great success. We managed to raise just over £2000 and it was a great night had by all. There were some fantastic pieces up for auction with the highest piece going for £160.

Since we had be organising this from January it gave me the chance to work on something that was a long running project. From it I have learnt that I am a strong leader and I’m pretty relentless in my approach to getting things done. Im organised and continually on the ball in regards to deadlines and knowing when things are fast approaching. I think that these are great assets for any designer to have especially one who is considering the marketing route. These are definitely skills and strengths that I will play up on my CV and something that I can undoubtedly talk about when it comes to having interviews for future jobs.

From doing this project I’ve also got to grips with using mail chimp, which is something i’d heard of before and read about on requirements for jobs but never really knew what it was. I was able to help put together a short email which included images, and social media buttons and then have this sent out. I expected it to be a lot harder to use than it was and although i’ve probably only just scratched the surface on with it I think this is again something which I can say I have basic knowledge of at future interviews.

Overall im so happy with the outcome of the Auction, at times I felt like we wasn’t going to pull it off but I think it turned out great and will be something I remember for years to come.

Im also pretty handy with a hammer and a few nails!


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