Ten Gym Commandments Zine

So after doing research and analysing the results I got from a survey about gym habits it was clear to me that one of the reasons people don’t continue with the gym is down to the habits of other gym members. Question 5 which asked if there was anything which annoyed or irritated you whilst going to the gym gave some interesting responses such as;

  • ‘Boys seemed to ‘hog’ the machines and didn’t give the girls the equality that deserved, but then on the other hand you get the girls who go to the gym to attract the boys. You should only go to the gym if you actually want to gain something out of it. The gym is not a place to show off’.
  • ‘Creepy men watching me’.
  • ‘People hogging machines when not actually using them. Girls wearing full faces of make up and prancing around in matching outfits. Men staring because you have bigger muscles than them’.

These are all things which I have experience myself and agree that they are quite annoying, I therefore wanted to take what I found out from the survey (including peoples comments) and research around gyms and translate it into a tongue and cheek zine which gives a set of commandments that if every gym user stuck to would lead to a happy gym. I wanted it to be quick and quirky so I have used this idea of commandments and created quick little illustrations to communicate those points. Using the language associated with the original Ten Commandments also reiforces my idea that I see the gym and going to the gym as a bit of a religion. Without being dedicated you are unlikely to see results and if you want to suceed in your goals you should treat it as if it were you religion.



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