‘Why is real food not enough?’

Developing my previous posters which listed ingredients of fast food I have taken inspiration from some work I saw by Graphic Though Facility and Barbara Kruger I have created something which I feel is a lot stronger and has more impact.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 19.37.40

The image is comprised of a collage of McDonalds imagery and advertising which I created by hand and scanned in. I then overlaid the text, I think this is a lot more effective than the previous versions because it makes you stop and thing “what is this trying to communicate?” rather than looking like just another McDonalds advert. I do however feel that the typography could be more interesting and that the list of ingredients aren’t necessarily needed.

This was the inspiration behind the work. I first saw this work when Andrew Stevens gave a lecture at the Minories about branding the Hult International Business School. It really stood out to me because it combined visual culture and visual language together by communicating through news and cockney sayings. It caught my attention becuse they are bold and light hearted and do stand out from a far.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 19.42.38

Taking inspiration from the style of Barbara Kruger I have used the collage of McDonalds imagery again as a background but changed the slogan to ‘why is real food not enough?’ as this is somthing I always seem to think when I see images of people eating fastfood. I feel that these have more of an impact than the previous ones that listed ingredients. I think it would get people thinking about why they actually eat McDonalds when there are far better alternatives. I believe we have become blinded by all the news articles about the ingredients in them and have forgotten about the underlying issue that is why do we not cook real food from scratch anymore and this slogan works better at communicating that message. I think the one problem with this piece is that the type almost looks too much like the style of Kruger and that this could somewhat overpower the message I am trying to communicate.

Above are two pieces by Barbara Kruger which helped inspire the style of typography that I have used.



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