First Paid Freelance Work

What a buzz!!! I just got paid for my first piece of freelance work. It was a small job and got me £45 but its definitely a step in the right direction. Im really pleased with how it turned out and I’m really proud of myself for how professional the whole process was. I made sure I made a note of how many hours I was spending on it and I created an invoice sheet which reflected those hours. On completion I was then able to send this to the client so they had a full run down of everything that had been done as well as my branding and payment information, which looked pretty impressive. The job has definitely taught me a few things which are:

  • Stick to your guns regarding design tweaks, however not to the point the clients isn’t happy. Being a designer you know whats best and suggestions to the client about what may look best should be made.I found that the client asked for something which I felt wouldn’t look right (wanted to use a specific colour on the leaflet), I created what I thought was best, showed it too them and they agreed that what they had suggested probably wasn’t going to look great. I did however have it in the back of my mind that the client might be adamant that they wanted to use this colour and would have to incorporate it.
  • Be proactive in checking emails and replying quickly and efficiently. Was a smooth and quick process because I on top of responding to queries the client had especially when a problem arose.
  • Always check the files you are sending. I sent the wrong version of a file which meant when the client wanted to upload the logo to Facebook the colours were off which was due to a CMYK file being uploaded and not RGB. This was quickly rectified once the client emailed me and they were then able to go on to upload their logo to Facebook.

Overall I’m really happy with how the job planned out and I can’t wait to start taking on more freelance work!


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