Effects of the diet industry and eating disorders

From researching around diets and creating my infographic about extreme ones it was obvious to me that people who follow the most extreme may have other factors influencing their decision to do so. I wanted to look at the idea of how peoples body image is effected by different things and so taking the same approach as in my previous post I created a collage of found imagery.

skinny collage

This is a collage of found photos and comments on photos which I came across on one instagram account after searching the hashtag #instathin. After searching on google images to find photos that represented eating disorders I only saw photos which i’d seen before such as famous models. I wanted something with more shock value so chose to look on Instagram. From my own personal experience of the sight and from reading news stories discussing the banning of certain hashtags I knew that it was a site that many use to promote things and one being loosing weight. I came across one account which sole purpose is to post photos of excedingly thing girls as ‘inspiration’ to loose weight and share tips on diets such as calorie intake and how to starve yourself. It is extremely shocking to me that Instagram allow this sort of behaviour on their site and is surely adding to the problem that is eating disorders especially ones which have social media related causes.

I used this collage that I created as a backdrop to add words over the top which centre around the different causes that eating disorders may have. I feel that these have a lot of impact and would really grab peoples attention because of their shock imagery.I also overlaid the different names of the most extreme diets to draw attention to the fact that a lot of these diets have been created as fads by people who may have had eating disorders themselves or promoted by people in industries such as modelling.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 20.08.08

blame the media-05

I do however think that they again look too like Kruger’s work and that I need to put my own design spin on it if these are to become a part of my final major project.


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