Diet Infographic V.2

Made a few changes to this after feedback on the previous version. Changed the title to ‘World Wide Weight Loss’ to give a play on world wide web and the fact the information is from google search hits. I have also taken away the number 36 beucase it didn’t have much relevance to the infographic and was only there to show how many there wore however putting 36 suggests that there are only 36 diets in the world and that is obviously not the case. Transparent circles are also a lot more interesting and removing the black background makes it more visually appealing and less harsh. Im really pleased with how this has turned out, I find infographics satisfying to create and this is definitely a piece that I want to include as part of my portfolio. I think that displaying data visually will most definitely be a part of my finished piece/pieces for my final major project.

diet groups infographic transparent


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