Diet Group Infographics

Developing on from the previous infographic that I created, I wanted to incorporate another level of information into it and split the diets into groups so that they were in categories. I saw an infographic on the Guardian which really inspired me to section the diets into groups using colour and then show their popularity with relatively sized circles.

World Carbon Dioxide Emissions data by Country,

This infographic caught my attention as it has so much information on it but at the same time it is still appealing to look at and at the same time make sense of the data. I think infographics should make data easier to understand whilst at the same time being visually appealing otherwise a simple bar or pie chart would be enough.

I think that this inforgraphic is alot more visually appealing that my one before. Using circles of different size helps to communicate the popularity of the diet whilst at the same time still keeping important information such as date introduced and its level of extremeness. You can also see that the most extreme diets arnt that popular which is refreshing but its still worrying to see that they are out there in the first place.

diet groups infographic




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