Talk from Richard Smith and Group Critique Feedback

The talk from Richard Smith yesterday was really interesting. He brought in some of his final pieces that he done on his BA and MA courses. The thing that stood out to me most was that he was always being playful with what he produced, although you look at the pieces and they don’t necessarily have an obvious point or audience some of them were just interesting an no doubt led him on to create further work. He was always being very obsessive about what he was creating and exploring things so deeply in order gain a greater understanding of what he was doing and seemed to question and be curious about concepts heavily before deciding it was exhausted of all its potential.

This is definitely something that I need to apply to my own work. I have to admit I’ve been struggling with my FMP lately, I have been creating imagery and then thinking theres no where else for it to go before I’ve even tried to develop it further and I think from doing this I’ve hit dead ends which I didn’t need to. I think I’m constantly searching for a solution or a finished product before i’ve done the experiment to get to the final outcome. Im going to go back I think an revisit some of the research and imagery I’ve been creating and be more playful and experiment further with it because I don’t think that I have fully exhausted all the avenues with them.

Group Critique:

From the group critiques I have been given a few pointers and identified some areas that can be researched and developed further:

  • Try using google search results and news sites to gain data about the diets for the infographic.
  • The infographic could be enriched pictorially for shock value and to further demonstrate and communicate the data.
  • The diets could be communicated typographically.

From reflecting back over my own work there are also some things that I want to develop further:

  • The “it’s not enough” posters have definitely got more room for development. Think some imagery and overlaying of text could really bring them to life and further demonstrate the message I’m trying to convey.
  • I think some of the extreme diets could be communicated by the use of shock imagery such as anorexia and health issue imagery.
  • Typefaces could easily portray the different typefaces and colour could represent the extreme to the not extreme and influence and show the better ones.
  • I also want to try look at mapping my gym routine. I took the photos of the images I see in my head a lot and feel that they could be mapped in a graphic style.

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