Promotional Postcards Workshop…

Had a really worthwhile workshop with Stuart today which involved creating some postcards which are for self promotion purposes. At first I was thinking about promoting my work and was using the 4 cards to showcase one of my year 1 projects my apple typeface (as this was the work I had to hand.) Although they worked at showcasing elements of this project they didn’t really have a very impactful feel and there wasn’t necessarily an surprise element about them. Below are the fronts which I created using my typeface.

I experimented more with designs when I got home and have created something which I feel is more me and communicates my personality more. The design focuses around using the words “hire me?” in different languages. The languages represent the fact that I think I have many different sides to me in both my designing ability and personality. I also think that they are more interesting because the person may not necessarily know what the words mean but if interested enough they may take the time to find out what the words mean. I have left my contact details on the back so that if they are interested they can find my website and take a further look at the work on there. The back also has a lot of white space, I have done this intentionally so that I can hand write addresses on them, in a ever growing digital world we quite often see printed addresses and it is becoming less popular to hand write things so I think by doing this it would add a more personalised touch. Im really pleased with how they have turned out and I think that I will definitely be sending some of these to design agencies and people that I would like to work for.




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