Auction Planning….

So we are in the process of sorting out the auction to raise money for our end of year show, the date has been set and we have booked the space at the minors for the evening and so far I have managed to secure 4 donations of work from: Anthony Burrill, Rob Ryan, Nichola Barclay and a friend of mine called Loz Thomas. Im getting such a buzz out of doing this and every time something arrives in the post I can’t wait to open it. Its so refreshing to see that people who are trying to promote their own work and sustain freelance businesses are still willing to help us by donating. Some of the work donated is worth a fair amount so I hope we can raise a lot of money from doing this.


I’ve also realised just how much I like organising from doing this and I think in the future although I want a job in design it would also be nice to have an element of organising within that as well. Im such an organised person, I’m always on top of dates and know when things need to be done, I like to plan ahead and have a good sense of time so I think this is something which comes naturally to me and should be a trait that I promote on CV’s and personal promotional material.


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