Fast food Anti-Ads

I have created anti-ads in response to the information I have been reading about fast food chains and the ingredients they include within their food.

It was very surprising to me that there is alot of extra ingredients added to these foods even though you could recreate the majority of the recipes at home using a third of the ingredients. Taking inspiration from the idea of transparent advertising I think these posters convey the message that I intended by looking like they have come from the companies but revealing a hidden message by using the tag line ‘is not enough.’ Unless you do your homework and research what you are eating you wouldn’t necessarily realise that all this extra crap is added and you could end up making the bad choice.

A lot of my initial research surround my FMP has made me realise that when it comes to food and exercise it is all about choice and unless you are well informed before making choices you could quite easily make the wrong one and one that can be detrimental to your health. The idea of choice is something which I’m going to research further and try develop ideas from.

is not enough posters


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