Diet Infographic

In order to understand the diets that I had been researching more I felt that it would be appropriate to create an infographic which sorted them in to some kind of an order or rank so that it made them easier to understand and digest. A lot of the information I have read surrounding diets is quite confusing and difficult to understand so I felt by doing this it would create a visual map of them and consolidate the information that I had gathered from them.


I took my inspiration for the infographic from David Mccandless his style of working really helps to simplify information which could potentially be quite difficult to understand. The above image is one which I especially find effective, sectioning the information in to type of jobs and then using dots with a line between them allows you to quickly see which job has the biggest pay gap by looking for the longest line on the graph. Instead of using figures for each line which could look messy and be difficult to make sense of the style has lead to a clean and concise infographic which still serves the purpose of informing.

mcandless style infographic

I have taken inspiration from David McCandless work and interpreted the information and data that I have researched around diets. The use of colour has helped to section the diets in to groups based on calorie intake and having an alphabetical list of the diets allows someone to find a diet they are interested in more efficiently. Obviously this graph is limited by my own idea of an ‘Extreme’ diet as there is no real measure of extremism but it still gives an ideal picture about what all these fad diets are about. Looking at the infographic it shows just how confusing the diet industry is, withought doing your research before starting a diet you could be seriously compromising your health and your are effectively ‘playing with your health and well-being’ as if its a game. I think that this infographic can definitely be pushed and developed further and I think focussing in on a couple of diets could help to break them down more and make them easier to understand.


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