First freelance enquiry!!

Eeeekkkk…. I just had my first freelance enquiry via my website! How exciting!!! This has given me a much needed confidence boost. I was feeling a bit stuck in a rut and suffering from blank page syndrome but this had made me realise that I’m obviously doing something right with the work I’m producing because its catching peoples attention. The company is based in America and they are looking for freelance designers to create infographics and data visualisations based on data relating to civic and social matters. The fact that the email has come from America shows the power of social networking. I posted an infographic on my Bechance about two days before receiving the email and it just goes to show that the Internet however big it is actually seems to make the work smaller. It also proves just how valuable putting yourself out there is in relation to gaining freelance work and reiterates what Joe Stone mentioned when he talked about using platforms such as Tumblr to promote your work because you never know who may see it and then like what they see. It also asks the question how do you work out your working rate? This again was something that Joe stone talked about. Ive tried to think about how much I get paid for doing my part time job as a sales assistant and work from there taking into consideration things such as: what is the job? how intricate and painstaking will the job be? and how much I value my own work. The email they sent didn’t give a lot of detail away so I have replied asking for some more information etc. so fingers crossed for a response and hopefully even some paid freelance work….


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