Semester 1 Module Grade & Feedback

So I’m really happy with the grade that I got (another first) for this module. I was a bit worried as when I looked at the amount of work id done it didn’t seem that much in comparison to others but this just go’s to show that I shouldn’t compare myself to others and should trust my gut instinct. I now also feel on track to get the grade that I want and it has given me a boost in motivation to continue the hard work.

After the feedback I got I definitely want to submit my coffee packaging to the competition because I feel really confident about it. I had never done any packaging before and it gave me the chance to get stuck into something new and adds a new dimension to my portfolio. Submitting to the competition would allow me the chance to showcase my work to members of the industry and hopefully get some professional feedback and pointers.

It was also good to see whether I was on the right track with regards to how I’m designing and laying out my research book so that I can do a good job for my FMP. As i mentioned in an earlier post although getting it printed wasn’t necessary for this module it was helpful to see how good the print quality was and to see how quickly the turn around time was for getting it printed and delivered. It was also helpful because it allowed me to see the size of type when printed and whether anything needed to be changed with the layout.


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