Talk by Joe Stone

Had a really interesting talk from a graduate that attended the same course that I’m currently on called Joe Stone. Answered some important questions that I had in relation to what happens after graduation and what avenues there are to pursue. Broke his presentation down into a series of 5 pointers as follows:

  1. Sometimes you have to do something you don’t want to do.
    – might not always be exciting of stuff you will enjoy but just do it.
    – be prepared to not do anything fun.
  2. Self initiated work is a good idea.
    – post it everywhere as you never know who may see it.
    – use social media.
    – you might not like it but someone else might.
    – gives you a chance to improve your skills and do stuff that you want to do and enjoy.
  3. Everyone you meet is a possible contact!
    – network and give out business cards, tell people your freelancing and are available to work.
    – never know who may contact you.
    – take opportunities! never know what it may lead to in the future.
    – get your name on things.
  4. Money is difficult to understand and always will be.
    – never easy to work out how much to quote.
    – will depend on how much the client values design.
    – be willing to miss out on work, might be that its not the right job for you.
    – work out an hourly rate and stick to it, create a freelance contract and cover your back by getting people to pay a percentage up front.
  5. Hard work but incredibly rewarding in the end.
    – London is competitive, interviews might be short.

From this talk it has opened my eyes to the fact that its sometimes not what you know but who you know. I think that it would be a good idea for me to sort out my business cards and website so that I can get them printed and start networking and talking to people over the next couple of months and maybe even get some contacts ready for after I’ve submitted all my work.


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