Teacher Training Interview Feedback

So I finally managed to get in contact with the course leader for the Teacher Training programme I applied for but unfortunately didn’t receive a place on. Was a worthwhile conversation and i’ve been able to get some valuable feedback to help me with future plans on what to do next.

The Feedback:

  • Need to work on presentation skills, think about how I can make more of a presence when talking to a group of people and how to capture the interest of the audience (i.e the students.) Was noted that my presentation subject ‘the marginalisation of creative arts’ was current and applicable but that it could have been delivered in a more interesting way.
  • During the group discussions we have where we were asked to comment on a teaching video it was noted that I was one of the quieter ones.
  • Could be helpful to gain more experience in a school environment before applying again, so this could be working as a teaching assistant in a secondary school or an art technician. Would allow me to gain some experience and confidence and have a greater understanding of day to day school life.
  • Was also noted that my degree being graphic design could be better suited to being a design and technology as Art and Design is very competitive at the moment. Would therefore be more of a chance of getting a place as it is a shortfall subject.

I think the feedback is very valid, I came away from the interview wishing I could have been more confident when giving my presentation and it was something that I felt would have been my weakness. I also knew that my lack on experience within a school environment could have gone against me as well. They are all things for me to think about and gaining a teacher assistant job in a secondary school will be an avenue I will certainly be considering as a next step after finishing my degree.


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