Working Final Major Project Title

“To investigate the myths and stereotypes surrounding the food, nutrition, diet and fitness industry.”

As someone who is passionate about keeping fit and eating healthily I have noticed that it is an industry that is bombarded with a ton of conflicting information. A simple search on Google asking the question ‘what is an effective diet?’ will result in a multitude of different results ranging from different named diets to the best tips for effective dieting. Then ask the question “what is the most effective exercise” and you’ll get the same influx of complicated information. It’s no surprised that with all this complicated information it can be difficult to work out what’s healthy to eat and how much you need to exercise. Were also a nation which is getting bigger with a rising population that are now in the obese category and a younger generation that are following suit there’s no denying that all this conflicting information isn’t helping. That’s not to say that there aren’t positive changes being made, the NHS recently launched their change for life sugar smart app which tells you how much sugar is in your food or drink by showing you in terms of sugar cubes. I think this is really effective as everyone knows what a sugar cube looks like. I want to contribute towards this positive wave of healthy initiatives by using my final major project as an opportunity to develop and create a piece of work that sits within this industry and helps to busts the myths that are within it and help to change opinion’s and misconceptions.

I am currently undecided about my intended audience but I think after carrying out initial research it will become apparent who would be most beneficial to target.

I want to investigate these industries by asking questions such as ‘why do people think its expensive to eat healthy?’ and ‘How can we make people realise how unhealthy the things they eat are?’ I’m going to research around the subject by looking at current food advertising, packaging and nutritional information. I will also talk to health professionals including personal trainers and gym representatives to gage an idea about the types of misconceptions they encounter and the problems they think are most apparent within the industries. I may even conduct a survey asking the general public about the subject matter and gage their perspectives and opinions. I will also look at professional bodies including the NHS, British Heart Foundation, The Royal Society for public health, change for life and Gov UK.


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