The job search…

Soooo since I won’t be doing teacher training next year I thought it be best to start having a look at what is out there in the way of jobs. Recently I’ve seen a lot of advertising in the way of graduate schemes so i’ve been doing a little research in to that to see what they require and what is around. The first thing I saw in relation to graduate schemes was actually Sky advertising their own, unfortunately they do not have any design related ones but it has made me realise there are other other options other than interns out there. Graduate schemes seem quite good because they often run for a year and the majority are paid as if it was an actual job. I’ve signed up to prospectus and set my profile to give me alerts on relevant job posts that come up and I’ve already saved one position so that I can apply later once I’ve sorted out my CV. The position is: UX Design for Reed Business Information Ltd and the position is in either Sutton or Holborn (but doesn’t specify which one at the moment) starts on the 1st of September 2016 which would be perfect so I’m definitely going to apply for this!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 22.34.15


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