YAY! Research book finally arrived!

So my research and development book for my semester 1 support module finally arrived!! I know we wasn’t required to get the book finished for this hand in but after all the time I spent on it I thought why not and there was an offer on at the time giving me 20% off so a win win situation really! Im so pleased with how it has turned out, for the money (about £32) I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing but it really is!! I used the sight recommended to me called Blurb and it was so easy because they have an InDesign plug-in you can download which will generate templates for the pages and cover based on how many pages you have and what paper your printing on, it even shows you how wide your spine will be. This might be considered a bit cheating given I’m a graphic design student and can easily set up pages my self but when your working with a company across the internet without the use of PDF proofs and someone to check it at the other end I think this is probably allowed and makes printing error more minimal . Obviously if I was working with a local printer on a big job then I probably wouldn’t do this.

The reason I got this one printed was mainly to see how easy the whole uploading, paying and receiving process was and how good the final product would be so that I could use the company again for my FMP. I ordered it on the 5th and it arrived today (the 13th) which is extremely quick considering it came from Europe so this has given me a rough idea of how long their turn around time is for something like this.

I’ve also been looking at other products they do and its given me lots of ideas for my PDP in relation to mini portfolios that I can put together for potential employees to make me stand out so I’ve just ordered a swatch kit to help me with this. I highly recommend this site to anyone who wants to self publish things especially for good prices, quite often as a student its hard to get things like this printed without paying a ridiculous amount or having to order 300 copies.

Oh…. I even learnt something creating this post! I wanted to upload the video I took of me flicking through the book but I don’t have the right software so I managed to export the frames of the video using a handy tutorial and VLC media player!




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