Reflection on Book cover submission

Final Book Cover

I am quite pleased with how my book cover for Caitlin Morans, How to be a Woman has turned out, I have produced something that I think would work effectively on both printed and digital platforms and is appropriate to the context and themes of the book. Although the whole book is aimed at women it has a varied amount of themes and so creating an image and layout for the cover that generalised the book was one of the key issues. I initially came up with three different ideas that had varying concepts behind them including one that had a vector image of the author however I felt this was too close to the original cover and a lot of books by comedians use their pictures. By using am image of boobs and a stick person done in lipstick I feel that the images are both funny and relate-able to women, they are images that are constantly associated with women for decades and so give it historical and contemporary context.  The book is by a comedian and is funny throughout and so a humorous and tongue and cheek cover that creates a smile or laugh when looked at I feel is the most appropriate. The type used is also bold and striking with an emphasis on the comedians’ name that would catch the attention of people that know of Caitlin Moran from her other work.

I think my most valuable piece of research for this project was going to a bookshop and picking out the covers that were most eye-catching to me from the shelves. I was also able to see where the book would be found in a bookshop and get an idea of what the other type of covers books by comedians looked like. Doing this allowed me to see what was most effective for a busy bookshop setting and what would stand out as well as the types of design elements such as foiling and embossing that were used. As books are held and are tactile objects I have chose to include a pantone silver colour and embossing on the front cover to emphasize the type and the imagery. I think that this is effective, as the reader would feel the texture of the embossing giving it a texturised feel. Although I am not able to create the book cover with embossing I have created a document that shows where the embossing would be and could be used if needed to create an embossing plate.

One thing that I am not as happy with is the quality of the lipstick writing and images, where I have edited them in Photoshop to intensify the red colour I have lost some of the texture quality which I achieved by using textured paper to write on. I think that this is something that could be addressed by working on my Photoshop skills as this a program which I have only used a handful of time to create this kind on imagery.


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