New Packet Design

Because I felt that the patterns weren’t working for the coffee packet designs as they weren’t very in-keeping with other UCC brands packets and they also didn’t seem to convey the message that I had originally intended I have played around with a new idea.

This idea involves creating a rainforest scene out of the four packets and each packet focusing around a particular rainforest animal. I think this design is really effective because it tells a story about where the coffee comes from and implies the goodness that the company is doing for the animals. The bags also look effective from all angles as the design and story continues the whole way round. However I feel that it doesn’t look as sophisticated as I would like and reminds me of the rainforest café and zoo branding. I would like my design to look more upmarket and feel sophisticated and be bolder so that it stands out from a distance behind a counter or on a shelf.

My inspiration behind this idea came from seeing this sweet packaging…


Traditionals Torroni Nougats Packaging, Sabadì – I Torroni,

Like the idea that the illustration design flows over the four packets telling a story about the origin of the nougart and the idea that the illustration on one packet can still work on its own. Think that it would really stand out on the shelf of a shop as it is quirky and you might me inclined to buy all four just to complete the picture. I also feel that there is room for the design to expand if more products are added to the line as these could be added on to either end and the illustration continued further.

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