My own patterns and application

Selection of patterns created

So I have tried to create my own patterns using inspiration from both animals and the visual culture of the countries the coffee is grown in. I have created the patterns using both indian ink and acrylic and then scanned them in. Using photoshop I have then layered the patterns over the top of each other to create a more abstract pattern and combine animal patterns and visual culture.

Patterns applied to coffee packet design

Using the patterns I have then applied them to coffee packet designs. Although these bags are effective and their bright colours would stand out on shelves I am not overly happy with them. I think that the patterns are not working as a whole and they do not feel as though they all “belong” together in a series. I do however like the layout, typography and its positioning on the packet. I do feel that these packets look very commercial and would sit well within a supermarket setting however this is not my intention and I want to create something that looks more “special” and would be in-keeping with the feel of non branded coffee shops. I think the second lot of packets are more successful than the ones of the previous page. I am however not totally satisfied with how the pattens work. They don’t feel like they all belong to each other and they still look quite lary and not as organic as I would have liked.


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