Final Design For Coffee Packets


Think these packaging layouts are really effective, they are bold and eye-catching and would stand out from a distance if stacked on a shelf. The layout also means that the brand is easily expandable and new flavours can be added to the product line. There is a clear hierarchy of type showing the name of the flavour and then a small description about the flavour. I think that the brown recycled paper works really well it adds a rustic organic feel to the product reiterating the origins of the product. I do feel however that the paper is slightly too dark and that the illustrations and grey certification logos would pop better on a slightly lighter paper. I am however really pleased with how these have turned out. The work collectively together and I think that they would stand out and look striking on the shelves of both coffee shops and supermarkets. The design is also versatile in the fact that it would allow for the range to be expanded and more coffee flavours to be added just by creating another animal emblem.

Coffee Cup, Coffee Cup Sleeve, T-Shirt and Promotional Tote Bag

I think these T-Shirt designs would work well at promoting the coffee, the T-Shirts would be ideal for coffee shop workers to wear to initiate conversations with customers about the coffee the shop is selling and the good work it is doing. I feel the tote bags are also a nice addition, given the recent changes to UK law and the introduction of the 5p carrier bag charge, reusable bags are becoming more popular. These bags could work as merchandise for the coffee shops to sell and at the same time would contribute towards advertising of the coffee products. Think having a coffee cup sleeve available for coffee shops would be a good idea because it would act as promotional material for the Grand Cafe brand. Using a sleeve would allow the coffee shops to place it on the cups that they already use if the customer opts to buy a Grand Café coffee. Using a corrugated light brown recycled cardboard for this would be better at shielding the heat and would also be in-keeping with the paper and colour used on the coffee bags themselves. Having a coffee cup as well as a coffee sleeve would give retailers and suppliers of the coffee the option of what they would want to use.

Final Reflection on Brief

This is the part of the refinement module that I am most happy with, I think that I have produced a range of material that would successfully communicate the values of the Grand Café brand and at the same time look effective and eye-catching with busy coffee shop settings. My initial research around the brand affiliations such as Rainforest Alliance gave me strong basis of knowledge and insight into what the Grande Café brand was achieving with their coffee range and I think that I have successfully continued this in my designs and promoted it even further. The major point I wanted to communicate was the fact that the coffee was good for the rainforest environment but at the same time it was protecting the habitat of many animals so this context was something I experimented with from the beginning testing a range of ideas on how I could portray this. I think my finished outcomes using coffee illustrations were the most effective and although I liked my patterns ideas and they worked to some extent, I felt that they were not as in keeping with the UCC Coffee brand. The coffee illustrations worked more effectively at promoting the good the brand is doing for the environment and its animals as well as having versatile applications and being easily expanded if needed.

My research into sustainable brands gave me ideas about the types of materials I should use to continue brand continuity including using recycled paper and organic materials such as cotton for items within the brand. Looking at brands such as Lush Cosmetics and Joco Coffee Cups allowed me to see the types of products they were producing and what materials they were producing them with. A lot of packaging these days uses plastic and although this is recyclable the majority of the time it didn’t feel appropriate to the brand I was creating for. These ideas such as using recycled paper and organic cotton were ones that I felt were adaptable to the brand and ones I could apply to my own designs. Recent reforms in the English law in relation to charging 5p for a plastic bag in shops gave me the idea to design a reusable organic cotton carrier bag that would help to promote the brand further and be in keeping with its sustainable ethos. I also felt that using a recycled paper for the coffee bags would give the packaging and design an organic feel and further contextualise the ethical ethos of the brand. To be able to show the finished pieces I have used recycled parcel paper however I feel that this is too dark and if printed professionally the paper would need to be slightly lighter to allow the coffee illustrations to pop, the designs would however still work effectively on white.

I think the coffee bag designs are also successful because they are easily adaptable to use on other material and objects such as the coffee cups, cup sleeves and t-shirts. The brand wanted something that would promote talking points for both coffee shop workers and customers and I think using the animal emblem’s would be effective in doing this. There is also scope for these emblems to be used on other promotional material such as posters and table talkers, which shows the versatility of the brand that I have created.


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