Coffee Drawings

Whilst searching for illustration inspiration regarding coffee I came across an artist called Maria A. Aristidou on BoredPanda who actually paints using coffee.

Coffee Drawings, Maria A. Aristidou,

These are really striking images and I think its a really good idea painting with a material that you wouldn’t usually think could create something so interesting. Because of the nature of the material and the fact you can create varying tones you can still get a lot of depth, texture and detail to the paintings but still keep the idea that it is created with coffee and could look like a splash of coffee.

Thought the idea of painting with coffee and using the product to create the imagery would be really interesting. It would contextualise the illustrations and create some really interesting textures and give an organic feel.

parrot big

Parrot Painting with Coffee by Myself

Im really pleased with how this turned out I think it is striking I do however think that my own painting need to be more fluid and have more of a coffee effect so that people can tell that it is made with coffee. I feelcoffee splash the addition of coffee drops and splashes would help this so I created some coffee rings and splashes to help act as a texture and add a bit of gritty ness. Because I liked my idea from before hand with the animal vectors and the scene I wanted to try and incorporate the two together and create them using coffee.

monkey frontrhino front

I created each of the animals first and then in photoshop over-laid them with the same coffee ring that I had made. I feel that these illustrations work better. They are more fluid and more organic, which I think is appropriate to the coffee brand given its ethos. They also work effectively alone or as a group of illustrations and could easily be adapted to be used on other branded material. The group can also be expanded to allow for the addition of more coffee variations to the brand. Going to now apply these to packet layout to see how they work.


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