Coffee Drawing Application


Haenowitz & Page Direct Trade Coffee Roasters, Gian Besset,

I was looking through bechance and came across these coffee packets. I really like the way the coffee bag design is the same for each blend of coffee but that the designer has added a strip around the bag to give the specific information for each flavour. Make the bag slightly more interesting rather than having just one element. I think the bold typeface also works really well in contrast to the delicate illustrations and the brown paper they have used gives the brand a rustic and earthy feel. I feel this is something that I could recreate with my own twist on using the coffee paintings that I created.

Recycled paper bag with paper information strip. Bottom paper bag is the same for all coffee options however the paper strip will have relevant information for each coffee flavour on.

I think this idea would work really well and would look effective. The way it is put together means that the main bag could be made from a cotton bag which could be refilled with coffee bags by the supplier once empty adding to the companies idea of sustainability and green ethos. The addition of the paper sleeve would mean that this could be removed easily and a new one put on once the bag is refilled with whichever flavour of the coffee. The sleeve shape and design could also be transferred to a coffee cup sleeve design and other branded items. Although I think this is a good concept I think that it is slightly too fussy for the UCC coffee and Grand Café brands and a design which had only one element would be more efficient and effective for them. I do however like the brown paper used for the bag as it gives the product a rustic and earthy feel which is in-keeping with the coffee theme. I do think however that the illustrations are working really well they are eye-catching and dynamic and work well with the bold typography used and these are two elements which I want to keep for the design.


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