Brand Research

Due to the fact Grand Café is a brand thats main concern and ethos surrounds traceability and being good for the environment I wanted to look at brands that have the same ethos behind them to see how they deal with the products they sell and the materials they use.

Joco Reusable Coffee Cups

jocotest1-2yl4kyeiz4pbepz1r42t4wScreen Shot 2015-12-28 at 16.03.45

The joco brand has collectively thought of a system which has reuse-ability at its core. The cup is reusable, and the packaging that it comes in has been created using recycled paper. They have then thought about the idea that if their packaging is attractive people are more likely to keep it and find another purpose for it such as a storing pens and pencils. Their artist collaboration series also shows how the product is versatile in its design and can be adapted. This could mean that a collaboration between coffee producers and distributors could be likely.

Method Products

A company which cares about the environment, their whole brand is based on the idea that it everything they create should be beneficial to both humans and the environment and not contain any “dirty” chemicals or harmful products. They source renewable and recyclable materials and design products and processes that avoid material waste.

Method Dish and Hand Soap

Bottle is made from recovered ocean plastic and post-consumer recycled plastic. The ocean plastic used to make the bottles was collected by method employees. Using this material reinforces their brand value which is recycling plastic and using as little packaging as possible. They also do refills which again reduces the amount of plastic they require.

Innocent Smoothies

innocent smoothiesinnocentScreen Shot 2015-12-23 at 21.01.39Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 21.02.04

Innocent smoothies are another company which have a sustainability ethos behind them. The affiliate themselves with well known companies such as the FSC to give their products accreditation which in turn helps to promote their brand ethos further to their consumers.

Lush Fresh Handmade cosmetics

To continue their brand ethos of ethical trading and being against animal testing Lush have created a reusable bag which is made by the re-wrap co-operative in Mysore, India and printed on Fair Trade organic cotton. It helps to raise awareness for the fight against testing cosmetic products on animals  and supports re-wrap, which empowers women in India by offering training and employment in sustainable textile production. I think applying the coffee animal emblems to products such as bags and t-shirts could help as promotional tools to communicate the message that the coffee brand is trying to promote.

Lush’ Little Green bag is a collection of products but instead of being packaged in plastic they are wrapped in a reusable fair trade organic cotton scarf with a recycled paper sleeve that gives instructions on ways tie and reuse the scarf. This product is in-keeping with their brand ethos as it has reuse-ability at its core with the idea that the packaging will continue to have a job after it is needed as product packaging.

Forest Stewardship Council

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 20.44.03

The Forest Stewardship council aims to promote the management of the worlds forests from and environmental, social and economical view. The FSC certifies companies which promote the responsible management of the worlds forests. Using paper which is from a company which is certified by the FSC could help to further promote the values and ethos of the Grand Cafe brand and add another level of certification to their products. The FSC has a full list of certified printers and papers on their website.


poo paper

To continue the continuity of the brand and their traceable and sustainable ethos I thought that the materials used for the branding and packaging should also reflect this. PooPooPaper is a company which makes paper out of recycling elephant, cow and various other animal poo. This type of paper could be used for promotional material such as cup sleeves and table talkers to continue the ‘green” message and the animal theme.

Looking at all these brands has got me thinking about what I want my packaging to tell consumers. The Grand Café brands focus is on traceability and although this can be communicated by explain this through copy and brand logos on the packets I think that It can also be shown through the use of materials and the products that are created.


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