Coffee Brief Initial Research

Have been doing initial research into the UCC Brand and the Grand Café range of products and what their ethos is all about. My main conclusion is that they really want to promote the fact that they are a brand driven by sustainability and that they are a brand which has worked hard to gain the seal of approval by companies such as the soil association, fairtrade and the rainforest alliance so this will be one of my main focus’ when designing. I want this to be clear from the design on the coffee bags but I also think that this should follow through in the form of the materials they use so recycled, sustainable paper or organic cotton and fabric for the coffee bags is something that I will consider.

There current packaging has used the colour green to try and promote its ethical and green ethos, however this is a colour which I am going to try and stay away from as I feel that I can communicate this message in another more subtle way.

Have looked at the other packaging that the UCC has for their alternative ranges to get an idea about the look they like and may want to achieve with their rebrand for the range. Their designs feel quite conservative and understated but at the same time they serve the purpose of giving the consumer all the appropriate inforamtion they would need. I feel that my own design needs to employ the same design elements but at the same time stand out slightly more to help promote the sustainability factors of the product and drive its sales given the current economic climate and demographic of “green and good products.”

Have also looked at the related websites such as the rainforest alliance which has given me information about why sustainable coffee is so important and how it is really helpful to the ecosystems and wildlife of the rainforest that support the growing of the coffee. One thing that was evident from the information was that animals are a big factor in sustainable coffee which is not something you would necessarily associate with coffee I myself would associate plants, trees and soil. However its evident that this sustainable coffee is helping to keep the habitats of various animals such as orangoutangs, tigers and parrots and this is something that I think would be interesting to promote and would put a different twist on your traditional coffee bean and tree imagery.coffee_info_EN

Shout the above illustration from the rainforest alliance website was really helpful in simplifying the coffee manufacturing process and giving me vital information and statistics which could be useful for my designs.

All images belong to their rightful owners.


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