Outcome of Teacher Training Interview

So unfortunately I didn’t get offered a place for a teacher training course at Mid Essex. I am really gutted about this as it is something I was looking forward to doing but I am not going to give up on this dream totally.

The interview was a hard process, before I even went I was nervous at the thought of giving a presentation. Although it wasn’t long, only 2-3 minutes I have never been that confident at standing up in front of people. Although we have done presentations at uni they are to people who I spend a lot of time with and aren’t necessarily judging me as critically as the interview panel was. I was extremely nervous on the day and I know that this showed in the form of me looking un-confident and quiet when giving my presentation. Im annoyed about this because I know I could have done better but if I’m going to have to stand up in front of a class of 30 pupils on a day to day basis confidence and presence is something which I will have to work on.

A lot of the other candidates gave really interesting presentations which showed their passion for the subjects and I feel on reflection that although my subject (marginalisation of creative arts) is interesting to me it may not have been the most interesting subject I could have talked about to show my passion for Art and Design. One candidate started by getting everyone to stand up and follow a set of instructions which related to the idea of authority within phycology which was really clever, memorable and engaged the audience. When I re-apply in the future this is something I will take into consideration when I plan my presentation so that I engage the audience more and leave a lasting impression. My aim between now and when I next apply to do this course is to engage with something that will help me to gain confidence and presenting skills.

It was also clear from talking to people at the interview that a lot of them were older than me and had been gaining work experience in teaching assistant and sub teacher jobs since finishing their degrees which would have definitely given them the upper hand. This is an avenue for me to think about pursuing once I have finished my degree so that I have more teacher and class room observation experience and this could also help boost my confidence.

The letter also said that I can contact them to discuss my application further which is something that I am going to do so that I can get some feed back about my application and interview and some idea as to what I can do between no and when I apply again.

I think for now I am going to focus on tailoring the work I am doing within my modules towards and industry led career and then I am leaving my options open as to whether i pursue a career in the industry or take up a teaching assistant job after I graduate.


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