Teacher Training Application

Sooooo….. I sent my application for teacher training last week and within hours received confirmation of an interview on the Thursday 10th of December for Mid Essex Consortium. The interview process is quite thorough but it was what I expected. I do however have to give a 2-3 minute presentation about my subject specialism which I’m quite anxious about. Im not allowed to use any visual aids which had me stumped originally however I think Im going to speak about some of the points I raised in my year 2 essay last year which was why marginalising creative arts would be a bad idea as I don’t necessarily need visual material for this. I think this is where it was handy to be forward thinking about jobs at the end of my degree because I have been able to tailor the material I have been studying throughout my course towards this and now I feel confident that I have something which Im fairly clued up on. It has also helped doing presentations throughout the course, I used to think they were slightly pointless but now I see their benefit.

I also have to do professional skills tests of Adult Literacy and Numeracy tests, so I have booked these for after my submission in January so that I have time to revise and look extra organised if they ask about them in the interview.

The other thing I’m happy about is that they propose to tell you the outcome of the interview within 2 days which means I will find out quickly what the outcome is and can think of other things if all else fails.

Fingers Crossed…….


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