Coffee Brief from YCN

So I have decided to choose the YCN- UCC coffee rebrand design brief for the second part of semester 1. The brief caught my attention because of its packaging element which is something I haven’t done before as well as the fact it was to do with a product that was good for the environment and promoted sustainable sourcing of ingredients.

My initial brainstorms and research has given me some avenues for development:

  • The product is about sustainable ingredients and they are all accredited by organisations which promote the upkeep of the rainforest as well as protecting the environment of the animals within the rainforest. I feel that this is an important factor for the design and so this is something I want to make a focal point of the design.
  • I have been looking at the types of recyclable and sustainable materials that are out there and it has given me ideas about the types of materials I could use for the design for example; recycled paper, or sustainable cotton which could both be used for the coffee bags themselves as well as other promotional material such as t-shirts and aprons.
  • Have also come up with a concept for where the designs can be applied such as; coffee bags, cups, t-shirts, aprons, signage, posters and table stands and this is something that I will experiment with.

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