Portfolio Planning and Preparation

Initially when I started to think about my portfolio last night and the pieces of work I was going to include I had some apprehensions about how much “stuff” I actually had and the quality of it. It became apparent when I went though it that I do have a lot of material that I can include as well as the fact that a lot of it is quite varied which is helpful in my application for being an Art and Design teacher.

Had a chat with Barry and Richard about the type of material that need to be included and its fair to say that the majority of my material can be included it just needs refining so that it looks really crisp, neat and professional.

Pointers and What to do next;

  • Find a suitable book/folder for my work and decided on a size for the work.
  • Photograph all my large pieces of work (posters, screen prints, life drawings) as well as books, guides and catalogues that have been made.
  • Get the work printed to a suitable size and format for portfolio.
  • Refine things such as typeface so that the can potentially work, and make it look like a type specimen sheet for effect.
  • Go through sketchbooks and research folders and pin point the best and most exciting areas… photograph or scan in parts and collate into a book perhaps?

From the talk I feel that I have gained more of an idea about what I should be included in a portfolio and the style and way it should be laid out and collated.


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